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Application Publishing for developers who are outside the Marketplace territories

In my previous post I talked about ChevronWP7 Labs, but there is another company in UK who offers similar service.

The name of company is APPA Mundi and they allow worldwide publishing of Windows Phone applications to the Marketplace for developers who are outside the current Marketplace territories through their appamarket site.

They also offer official unlocking of WP7 devices. 🙂

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ChevronWP7 Labs

The main goal of Chevron team is to make Windows Phone development more accessible. There is no (simple) way to unlock your WP7 device, or publish your application from some countries. If your country is not on the list of Microsoft you have to find other ways than by using App Hub. Microsoft’s lawyers should do a lot of efforts to get a new country on their list, so that is the reason why they don’t allow to upload applications from any country.

Chevron team became famous when they published an unofficial tool to jailbreak WP7 devices. Then they had to discontinue their unlocker as soon as MS noticed it.

But they team will soon be launching an approved Windows Phone unlocking service as part of ChevronWP7 Labs. This will be available to developers across all skill levels and all regions.

The service will require a small fee (via PayPal) to offset costs but it will be more affordable than the App Hub.


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Xbox & Kinect ad integration with Windows Phone

Microsoft showed at Cannes International Advertising Festival an example of Xbox & Kinect advertisement integration with WP7.

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Nokia started its developer portal for WP7

Here is the link to the dev. portal:

It contains some further links to Tools, Documentation and to community forums.

They will support Windows Phone 7.1
I’m looking forward to their devices and the home screen. 🙂

“The right time to prepare future apps and services” says the banner’s text.

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Top 10 Books for Windows Phone 7 App and Game Development

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Making a Voice Recorder on Windows Phone





Joel Ivory Johnson published a great sample with source code, that shows how to work with the microphone, making usable recordings from it.

His article is available here:

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Use Your Windows Phone 7 As A USB Stick

It’s always handy to have a USB stick around just in case you need to copy or share some music or any other file. However, you might not always have one nearby so wouldn’t it be great if you could easily enable  your Windows Phone 7 USB storage instead?

XDA forum member MarcHoover has developed a ‘USB Storage Enabler Tool’ for Windows Phone 7 which makes it easy to enable or disable the WP7 USB functionality.

You’ll need to have Zune installed and one device connected for at least one time. To enter the USB Storage, you’ll need to close Zune. Then, you can use your WP7 as a simple USB stick.

For more information and to download the .exe, head on over to the application thread.

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